EspressoTown Premium Portable Espresso Machine

Sale price Price $129.99 Regular price $159.99

  • Portable espresso & coffee machine: Compact, simple, and fast, this espresso machine is perfectly designed for the coffee lover on the go. Be it for hiking, camping, on the road or at the office,there is no more waiting for a strong hit of coffee.
  • Compatible with ground coffee & coffee capsule 
  • Manual coffee maker : Manual coffee maker without electricity, no batteries needed. Just a few pump. Prepare amazing espresso anywhere, with a handheld Staresso machine.
  • High quality Espresso maker: this machine uses good pressure (Up to 25 bar) to brew hot water through ground coffee quickly; more flavor is coming out with less acidity or bitterness.Comparable to the pour you get from the machine on your kitchen counter that cost 5x the price. Besides Espresso, it can also make Cappuccino,Quick Cold Brew, French coffee and style coffee or even milk foam tea.
  • Easy to clean, 100% completed cleaning no hiding 
  • Quick Cold Brew: Traditional cold brew machine takes several hours at least to make a coffee. While, it takes only several minutes for this machine to make a cup of cold brew coffee, which has very attractive cream and flavor much better than normal cold brew coffee.
  • Simple regular cleaning: with minimal maintenance. But Espresso machines require regular cleaning. Open design makes it simple to clean.